The island of Patmos

About Patmos

A truly sophisticated destination following the mystical aura of its famous monastery, Patmos combines genuine cosmopolitan atmosphere, beautiful beaches and one of the most picturesque Choras (island towns) in the Aegean. Attracting an intellectual crowd from all over the world, Patmos is ideal for the lovers of traditional architecture, unspoiled beaches and art. The port of Scala deserves some of your time for coffee, walks at the promenade and shopping in eclectic boutiques, but Chora is the main magnet with its well preserved architectural style taking you back to time. In its labyrinth-like cobbled streets with arches and arcades you will admire beautiful mansions, discover arty shops and enjoy a drink or dinner in lively cafes and restaurants.

The island of Patmos

The sightseeing highlight here is St John Theologos monastery, considered the most important monastery complex in the Aegean, dating back to 1088 with its architecture resembling a fortress and an interesting collection of relics. Another must is the visit to the cave where John the Apostle is believed to have had visions and dictated the text of the Revelation, on the route from the port of Skala to Chora, 4 meters below ground. Psili Amos, with golden sand and a tavern, is the most famous beach, accessed only by boat (daily routes from Scala) or through a 20 minute walking path. Kampos is the most cosmopolitan beach with sunbeds, beach cafes and taverns, while Agriolivado is a favorite for beach fun and massage on the beach. For something more idyllic and relaxed, try Geranos and Vagia with small pebbles and tamarisks. Lambi beach is famous for its fish taverns while Grikos is a picturesque fishing village with good taverns. The distances are short so you don’t need to drive a lot. There are daily boat tours to the nearby islets, known as the Polynesia of the Aegean - Tiganakia in Arki have impressive turquoise waters, Marathi has become a hot spot for yachters thanks to its good taverns, while Lipsi, the biggest of the three, has nice beaches and a lively village with traditional cafes for meze. Different open-air festivals (dedicated to cinema or church music) give a special art atmosphere to the island during summer, while the orthodox Easter celebrations, with ceremonies like the revival of the Last Supper and Jesus washing his disciples' feet, are among the most famous and devout in Greece.  

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