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Searching for a loyal partner in Greece?

Do you have a client willing to rent a luxury villa in Greece? If yes is the answer, we are here to fully support you! 

Cooperating with travel agencies from all over the world, and treating with special care their clients in our country, we know firsthand how important it is to invest and maintain a long-lasting mutually beneficial partnership with other agents.

We provide unbranded material and all the support needed, so that your clients receive all the accurate information and high-end personalized service needed, respecting every small detail of our partnership agreement. 

At Once upon a Villa, your clients will be treated as our most valuable guests since we are fully committed to protect and even strengthen the long-lasting relationship and reputation your agency has built with your clients. 

“Trust is a must” is our priority, and we will only be happy and successful when your / our client goes back to you fully satisfied and overwhelmed from their villa holiday experience in Greece.