Rent a boat

Rent a boat

boat by the sea

What’s better than combining the relaxation in your villa with one or more daily cruises, which unravel a unique experience of the destination and some of the best moments the Greek summer has to offer? 

Because, after all, this is what makes Greece famous of! The country with a thousand islands and the longest coastline is the world’s top yachting destination. 

So even if you stay in a beachfront villa, why not discover the beauty of the secluded nearby bays, beaches, islets or even famous islands, which can be reached easily, quickly, and safely by boat? With a wide range of luxury crewed motor yachts and excellent professional rib boats, we can design with you the perfect itinerary, so that you can experience every extra sea mile. 

Would you like to discover remote beaches not accessible by car, visit islands with archaeological treasures, swim in exotic bays protected by UNESCO or have delicious meals in picturesque tavernas in small islets? 

Your skipper is here to take you to all these hidden treasures. Sure, you don’t want to live in Greece without having experienced all these.

So why don’t you get the best out of Greece, having as a starting point the luxury villa of your dreams? Consult our team and request the best available option for the destination and villa you are planning to rent. Forget the car, forget the same beach every day, and just enjoy a new spot to spend your day.