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Large sandy beaches, a lively town with color, monuments and archaeological sites spanning from ancient to venetian times, are just some of the highlights of one of the largest Dodecanese. Kos has for decades been a cosmopolitan tourist destination. Home to a rich history, the destination's character has recently been enriched with luxury tourism, unique gastronomy and eco-friendly and wellness experiences. It should be noted that Hippocrates, the grandfather of medicine, was born on the island, practicing his healing techniques here. Hippocrates taught in the god of medicine, Asclepius’ sanctuary, which today stands as the island's most important archaeological site, bearing beautiful views of the Turkish coast.

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Sightseeing must include the Roman villa Casa Romana, the Ancient Market, the Castle of the Knights of the Order of Saint John, as well as the impressive 20th-century monuments, including the Municipal Market and the Police Station. Eleftherias Square with the old mosque, the old harbour, the coastal road lined with palm trees and the Exarheia district are classic spots for experiencing the Kos city vibe. Be sure to visit the Hippocrates Botanic Garden to see the healing and aromatic herbs used in the ancient times, up close. Antimachia is a nice village with a medieval Castle, a museum-reconstruction of a traditional island house and an old mill. Exploring the island, you can visit Zia, a traditional village with nice tavernas and sea views, the Byzantine village of Pyli, Kefalos village with the homonymous monastery and the wetlands of Alykes for birdwatching. Kos is also a favorite among bikers, as there are various picturesque routes to follow. The island's most popular beaches are the large organised sandy shores of Marmari and Mastihari, windsurfers’ favorites, as well as Paradise beach, which hosts beach bars. For swimming in a simply beautiful setting, try Agios Stefanos. The beach of Therma is a more remote and quiet spot with hot thermal waters.

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