The island of Zakinthos

About Zakinthos

With countless beaches and an electric blue sea, home to the Caretta-Caretta sea turtle, as its trademark, Zakinthos, one of the most famous Ionian islands and of the first to be discovered by tourists, is experiencing a regeneration with new gourmet restaurants and authentic agrotourism spots, attracting a more sophisticated clientele. 

In Zakinthos town, with the Venetian aura, you will wander around the castle of Bohali and the green hill of Strani, where Greece’s national poet Dionysios Solomos wrote the national hymn.Try the traditional sweets pasteli and mandolata and ladotyri (local cheese).

The island of Zakinthos

The eastern side is ideal for family holidays due to the endless coastline with its deep blue waters and the tavernas on the beach. The western side is full of steep cliffs, leading to coves of rare beauty, but more difficult to access. Two beaches of interest are Gerakas, with its magnificent sandy beach, huge clay natural sculptures and Caretta-Caretta sea turtle nests and the rocky Limnionas, with its Mediterranean-style fjords and underwater caves for diving. 

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