About Spetses

One of the most stylish and cosmopolitan Greek islands, within easy access form Athens and Porto Heli, in the Peloponnese, Spetses combine sophisticated hang-outs  with the aura of the past. Here you can find some exquisite villas, with an arty feeling and special details from the island’s history. The easy access from Costa, Porto Heli, with water taxi all day round enables the combination of the two destinations even in a daily routine. The lively, kids-friendly, piazza of Bouboulina (Dapia) is the ideal location for an evening stroll – parents can relax for an aperitif in the iconic verandah of Poseidonion (a grand hotel indeed) while the kids play in a safe environmen (this is a cars-free island). The same goes for teenagers, who can enjoy the nightlife of Palio Limani, without having their parents bother that much about their safety.

Old Port of Spetses

If you have small children, don’t miss the chance to hop aboard one of the old-fashioned carriages and take the traditional tour of the city: from Dappia, the commercial heart of the island, to the Old Harbour its eating and nightlife hub (don’t miss the fish straight from Minas boat at Tarsanas restaurant)or to Kounoupitsa (try the shrimps with ouzo and the spaggeti with grouper at «To Nero tis Agapis»), which is best enjoyed at sunset since it is located in the western part of the island.

The fish a la spetsiota (in rich tomato sauce) is the traditional plate, while the local almond sweets with cinamon are also a must-try. For a traditional greek ouzo with meze or delicious greek dishes try Sioras in the Old Harbour (the mullets are yammy!).

Rich in history, the island is famous for its sea merchant mansions with beautiful pebbled courtyards. Don’t miss Laskarina Bouboulina House, a superb mansion where guided tours are conducted regularly.

The mainland of the island is full of pine trees and will be apreciated by the fans of trekking, while its shores have beaches for all different tastes, most easily acessed by boat or sea taxi. By renting captain Lazaros wooden caique boat you can dive in the beautiful bays of the Peloponnese coast, like Kostoula, Konoupi or Agios Aimilianos and enjoy a hand-made lunch on board. Another beautiful island, recommended for a longer day trip from Spetses or Porto Heli – Ermioni, is Hydra.

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