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Pershing 72 M/Y

9 22.26 m

The Pershing 72 is a Yacht of a separate class in the luxury yachting sector & in perfect line with Pershing traditions:

Advanced technology and a superb interior & superior comfort ensuring truly unique, exciting emotions.

Designed for cruising enjoyment where you may have a crew member or two and an intimate gathering of friends or family, this exquisite 72 Luxury Yacht is built with originality, prestige, comfort and sophistication in mind.

A sleek design with a hard top that slides open in both the saloon and the cockpit creating one large indoor/outdoor saloon, the largest in its category.

( lay out and accommodation)
Starting from the new extended line of the windows that catches the eye immediately thanks to its sleek form and linear geometry, this vessel catches your eye.

Advanced technology is what distinguishes all the equipment onboard the Pershing 72’. There has been no limit to the research and insistence on perfection that has gone into every detail as the challenge has been to optimize the spaces on the boat with every possible innovation.

Starting from the new sliding hard top that revolutionizes the idea of the sun roof as it slides open in both the salon and the cockpit. In the bows a section of the roof ventilates the helm zone and the fore area of the salon, while in the stern a second part of the roof moves in two different ways, firstly to open the cockpit up completely and light the whole area and secondly to extend to shade or protect it.

In addition to the exciting surprise of the hard top, another innovation that enhances this area is the design of the glass partition between the external cockpit and the internal salon. This enables the inside and outside to be joined into a single unit, destined to become the largest cockpit in the category. This idea has been designed according to strict criteria of flexibility and space optimization and now this area can be opened to create a single environment from the helm station in the bows to the sun deck in the stern. This area is “open” in all senses as the glass partition can slide away out of sight into a special cavity left below it in the hull. At the same time, when this device is in use it allows the external cockpit to be separated from the internal salon so the latter can be air conditioned or covered in the event of bad weather.

Another example of exclusive technology is the newly designed gangplank created together with Besenzoni and currently being patented. Installed for the first time ever on this boat, this is a welcome multi-purpose innovation that acts as a stowaway gangplank, a swimming ladder, and a mooring ladder when in port.

Other important innovations can be found by exploring the stern area which includes the same hangar used on the Pershing 90’. Here the centre of the sundeck can be raised and opened while leaving the upper sundeck almost totally immobile. The hangar is incredibly spacious and highly functional, a real luxury on a boat this size.

To make it even more luxurious the hangar also has a lower level for storing a 3.20 m tender and a See Doo Jet Ski. This level can be dropped to make it easier to launch and land water toys using the sliding rollers and winch provided.

But the really important and original breakthrough that gives the new Pershing 72’ an edge of over its competitors is the layout of its interior. This new design approach enables the owner and guests to enjoy the vast amount of floor space the incredible size of the interiors and the superior functionality, taste, class, refinement and rational layout of the fittings, all in supreme Pershing style.

A stroll through the craft’s various interiors starting from the upper salon will soon reveal all the incredible innovations this new layout offers. From the stair on the right of the helm station you can reach the galley situated in a highly original position towards the bows, at an intermediate level between the deck bridge and the under deck. The galley has been designed to make life onboard even more enjoyable and includes a sink, a four cooking zone ceramic hob, a multifunction combination oven, dishwashers, capacious refrigerators and a vast storeroom under the floor with a convenient stairway leading down to it. The storeroom covers the same area as the whole galley and is even deeper than the cabins, so it really is incredibly spacious, convenient and ready to hold more than ever before.

The cockpit is dominated by the huge central sundeck with steps leading up to it from both sides of the aft sundeck. Continuing straight on you come to a huge sofa that can be extended to form an L shape. The sofa is completely hollowed out to provide storage cabinets and this is where the two life rafts are kept.

This part of the cockpit is completed with an extendable square table that can seat up to eight people. The table is fitted with a telescopic mechanism that makes it height adjustable and means it can be lowered to the level of the sofa, thus forming another spacious sundeck. On the left there is a cocktail cabinet with a sink and an optional barbecue. A small door covers the stairs down to the crew area and engine room. The crew area includes a small living area with two chairs, a foldaway table, a mini-bar, a single cooking zone ceramic hob and a cabin with two bunk beds and a separate bathroom with a basin, WC and shower cubicle. All in all, a crew area that is extremely comfortable, private and functional for a boat this size.

Continuing to the upper salon, on your left you pass a flat screen TV that stows away into a specially designed unit and on the right a vast C-shaped sofa served by a comfortable table that thanks to a special closing mechanism can be turned into a coffee or lunch table. Continuing towards the bows there is a comfortable lounger situated next to the pilot seats. This has been deliberately designed so that passengers can enjoy the sea view while the craft is cruising. Part of the lounger can also be folded away to give access to a side door leading to the exterior walkways and fore area.
The helm zone also has a number of exciting new features. The pilot and copilot seats have a state-of-the-art design with a special mechanism created by Besenzoni for Pershing vessels. The seats have no support column as they are positioned against a storage cabinet.

The helm station and instrument panel with its attractive carbon fiber tops is an impressive technical and ergonomic feature. In line with the equipment used in the latest generation of Pershing consoles all the instruments are not only high precision and extremely functional they are also indisputably stylish.

Now continue on from this area to admire the splendid night zone and the sophisticated comfort of the Master Cabin situated right in the center of the boat. This bright, full beam cabin has two built-in open-view windows designed to give a particularly airy sea view from both the bed and the lounger on the left of the cabin. This new and especially comfortable relaxation area in the cabin is ideal for reading, relaxing and enjoying the sea view from a position of total tranquility.

The cabin also includes a make-up cabinet, a walking closet, a mini- bar, a flat screen TV positioned in front of the bed, which is fitted with a backrest raising mechanism, a bathroom with a huge shower and naturally a WC, bidet, basin and an original bathroom wardrobe.

Continue on towards the bows and you pass a day/guest bathroom on the left that can be accessed from both the corridor and the guest cabin. This cabin is furnished with twin parallel beds, plus a third stowaway one. Further on brings you to the VIP zone, through a door that leads onto a small access corridor with a bathroom on the right and in front of you the VIP cabin with an elegant bed in the center and two wardrobes on the side walls.

Everything in the incredible layout of the Pershing 72’ highlights and increases the luxury of space and the enjoyment of socializing. The various areas in the night zone have been specifically designed to guarantee an extraordinary level of privacy and the galley area has been deliberately kept separate from the cabins. But there is also another element that the overall layout of the yacht has taken into consideration and that is the enjoyment of playing host. In fact the boat has three different contexts that are ideal for interacting with guests. One is the huge stern sundeck, the second is the highly flexible option of extending the salon towards the cockpit to create a single area, and the third is the comfortable fore sundeck. Even the galley in its new intermediate position between the deck and the under deck with access to the upper deck, is a highly “sociable” environment that can be used by the owner for cooking with friends.


Length Overall

22.26 m




2 x 1823 HP MTU & ARNESON ASD 14

Fuel Capacity

4900 lt

Fresh Water Capacity

990 lt

Cruising Speed

30-33 knots

Fuel Consumption

640 lt/hr