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About Mount Parnassus – Delphi

The flagship mountain resort of Greece, Arahova, combines amazing drives in the alpic nature of Mount Parnassus, skiing, hiking and archaeological visits to Delphi, one of the most sacred places in Greek mythology and the ancient times.

The leading winter destination for the Greeks, Mount Parnassus can be easily reached from Athens and is ideal for exploring the beautiful nature, shifting in a few kilometers from the ancient olive groves surrounding Delphi to the firs covering the mountains, which are ideal for hiking.

At the recently renovated ski center of Parnassus you can enjoy skiing and winter sports, while Arahova is a picturesque village for après ski, with rustic tavernas, country-style restaurants, wine cellars and bars. Don’t miss the chance to taste the local meat rotisserie delicacies and typical formaela cheese.

The archeological park of Delphi with the Sanctuary of Apollo, the site of the ancient Oracle and the celebrated archaeological museum is a must see for every visitor to Greece and a spiritually loaded location.  According to the Greek mythology when Zeus released two eagles in opposite directions, Delphi was the place they met indicating the center of the earth!

The nearby villages are worth visiting following beautiful routes in the forest. Τhe ideas for daily excursions are many: from peaceful Agoriani with nice chalets for lunch to traditional Chrisso with notable mansions and an interesting folk art museum and Vargiani with many natural sources, stone-built houses and unforgettable views. Another highlight is Ossios Lukas Monastery, the best-preserved monastic complex of the Middle Byzantine period in Greece dating back to the second half of 10th century, with impressive marbles and mosaics.

The European path E4 passes from Arachova offering a unique hiking experience. Following the ancient, signposted route inside the national park of Parnassus you arrive to Korykeion Cave, the cave that, according to Pausanias was dedicated to the worship of Pan and the Nymphs, with unique sea views.Talking about the sea, the historic lively town of Galaxidi, with colorful captain mansions and nice seafood tavernas is a short drive away from Parnassus.


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